Who Am I?

Hey, I’m Esha Tir Radia, an ambitious skinny writer who enjoys long walks and survives on selfies because I suck at asking others to take one good picture of me. 

I prefer not to brag about my experience, so this page is a bit self-indulgent, all about me. Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting!

Esha Tir Radia

Some Quick Facts About Me

  1. I’m more of a tea lover than a coffee addict, prefer fries over chocolates, and mayonnaise over ketchup

  2. I’d prefer you to call or voicemail me rather than a text.

  3. Take me to a bookshop, and I will be your Best Friend Forever!

  4. I can solve a 4*4 Rubik’s cube in less than 2 minutes, and I’m getting better at chess every day.

  5. When I’m not working and playing chess, you might find me reading or watching serial killer documentaries.

Or, let’s be honest, you might also catch me being a little too relaxed, scrolling through Instagram like a lazy piece of shit.

My Writing Journey

It all began when I was just 15, penning fanfictions on Instagram. Things led this Eve’s lost child to the world of Blogging and Copywriting. 

I started working with an agency as a junior writer. Within nine months, I found myself working on a Dermatologist’s website. The rest, as they say, is history.

One opportunity led to another, and here I stand before you, a shining beacon of wit and brilliance. 

I mean, who wouldn’t want a dash of humor and excellence on their team? (Oh, sorry I don’t brag:’)