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Over the past three years, I’ve penned 100k+ words for leading tech, health, and wellness brands. So, why should you care?

Well, one simple scroll through my portfolio will show you what makes my magic sauce set apart from the rest!

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While I can’t show the iceberg of strategy that my work rests on – or the influence it has – Let me share the shiny bits that stick out above the surface.

Of course, great work can only happen with great clients, so

In the Words of My Clients

“I have had the pleasure of witnessing Esha’s remarkable transformation from a newbie to one of my best skincare writers. She writes great copy, and her ability to seamlessly integrate affiliate products into her blog posts is truly unparalleled. Also, she makes the best infographics and data charts. Highly recommended!”
Dr. Iqra Naseem
Physiotherapist, Senior Content Writer
“I hired Esha as a ghostwriter for my skincare website, and I couldn’t be happier. From strategy to implementation, she takes charge and delivers outstanding results. Her blog post titles are absolutely attention-grabbing. Glad I found her!”
Nadia Tamara Lee
Owner of Cheri Mai Skincare
“Esha is a highly responsive and flexible professional. Her dedication to in-depth research on each of our micro-current products is truly commendable. Having worked with her for a long period, I whole-heartedly recommend her.”
Pooja Johari
CEO 7E Wellness
“Esha is simply the best when it comes to web content writing. She is also an incredible negotiator. She knew exactly what we wanted right when we explained it. Her thorough competitor research added immense value, and she crafted the most outstanding Mission and Vision statements for our real estate website. We couldn’t be more satisfied with her expertise.”
Joe Zingales
Founder Team Zingales

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